Commercial Insurance: Manufacturing

Custom Insurance Solutions for Manufacturing Risks

Manufacturers know that the smallest detail matters. The HAL team knows that too. By partnering with leading National and International Insurers, including Underwriters at Lloyd's of London, HAL will provide you custom insurance solutions designed around your needs and the needs of your customers.

HAL...Your Insurance Destination, will help you identify your risks and exposures, and will custom make an insurance solution to meet your unique need. The HAL team will discuss with you your local concerns, including plant and equipment risks, but HAL will also discuss with you the needs of your customers. If you need insurance protection on your product right to your customer's door, anywhere in the world, the HAL team will help. Perhaps there is risk to you or your employees in travel to other parts of the world? No problem.Your HAL team can discuss insurance solutions for exposures ranging from health and emergency medical matters to kidnap and ransom threats.

At HAL, you do not stand alone.  Should you ever experience a situation that may result in an insurance claim, HAL will be at your side, assisting you with the claim process.  As a HAL client, you benefit from our wide network of claim professionals in Canada from coast to coast and internationally. In the unfortunate event of a claim, we will help you get back on track as efficiently and hassle-free as possible.


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HAL Fact

Apollo 11 Astronauts couldn’t get life insurance prior to their launch so they gave themselves their own “life insurance policy made of autographs” that could be sold by their families if they did not return.

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