Commercial Insurance: Non-Profit Organizations

Every Non-Profit Organization needs insurance.

Beyond providing you with custom insurance solutions, our HAL Team can assist with many value added services, often at no additional cost to you.

The insurance needs of non-profit organizations are unique. By giving freely of their time and talents many non-profit organizations enrich the communities in which they serve. Today we are living in a time when people are increasingly willing to consider litigation when they think they have been unfairly treated or hurt in some way. A non profit organization must protect its volunteers, employees and Boards of Directors.

Every group and organization needs to understand the unique risk that faces non-profit organizations. Our HAL team is here to help. We will review your organizations needs including property, liability, volunteers, participants and of course Directors & Officers liability.

Beyond providing you with custom insurance solutions at competitive prices, the HAL team can also provide you with many value added additional services, often at no additional cost to you. By reviewing your business activities with you we will assist you in determining potential risks and threats to your organization and together we will help you buy an insurance solution that meets your needs.

At HAL, you do not stand alone. Should you ever experience a situation that may result in an insurance claim, HAL will be at your side, assisting you with the claim process. As a HAL client, you benefit from our wide network of claim professionals in Canada from coast to coast and internationally. In the unfortunate event of a claim, we will help you get back on track as efficiently and hassle-free as possible.


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