Commercial Insurance: Special Events

Events without risk. To keep you cheering or grooving to the beat, special event insurance from the HAL team can't be beat.

Special Events can range from a Wedding Reception to a Rock Concert and anything in between. From a one day gathering to something even longer, your HAL team can assist you with everything from event cancellation to liquor liability to injury protection for the event participants. Count on HAL for your special event.

Our HAL team will work with you to discuss the activities and potential risks involved in planning and hosting your upcoming event. In partnership with leading national and international specialty insurance markets, the HAL team will provide custom insurance solutions, tailored to your special day.

At HAL, you do not stand alone. Should you ever experience a situation that may result in an insurance claim, HAL will be at your side, assisting you with the claim process. As a HAL client, you benefit from our wide network of claim professionals in Canada from coast to coast and internationally. In the unfortunate event of a claim, we will help you get back on track as efficiently and hassle-free as possible.

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HAL Fact

Apollo 11 Astronauts couldn’t get life insurance prior to their launch so they gave themselves their own “life insurance policy made of autographs” that could be sold by their families if they did not return.

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