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Snowmobile Insurance

Let HAL assist you with your Snowmobile Insurance and Snowmobile Registration.

It's important to note that snowmobile owners in Saskatchewan need both plate registration and property insurance coverage for their sleds.

A snowmobile in Saskatchewan must be registered and the operator must be licensed before it can be driven on roads (where allowed), ditches, provincial parks, trails, rivers or lakes. You do not receive physical damage coverage with your license plate.  You receive a $200,000 liability limit, which is not enough coverage in the event of a liability claim.

At HAL, we know how important the investment in a snowmobile can be and protecting that investment should be a priority. Purchasing snowmobile insurance from HAL will provide you with physical damage protection as well as increased liability limits up to $2 million. In the event your snowmobile is damaged or stolen or should you have an accident that involves bodily injury or property damage to a third party, you can be held liable.

Let HAL assist you with your Snowmobile Insurance and Snowmobile Registration.

Snowmobile Registration

To renew the registration on your snowmobile with SGI, first review Using MySGI, then click here to renew directly.

Snowmobile Insurance

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A visual inspection of each snowmobile unit to be insured for physical damage is required prior to binding coverage. A copy of the applicant's previous policy or a copy of a bill of sale indicating the purchase of a new Recreational Vehicle in the last ten (10) days (dealer demonstrator and used recreational vehicles excluded) must be presented to waive inspection. Call HAL at 306.569.2150 to arrange for your inspection.


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Did you know? If you hold an event in a public venue, you are generally required to provide proof of liability coverage.

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