Transportation: DAStransport Legal Protection

DAStransport: Legal Expense Insurance for Truckers

Have your ever wished you could pick up the phone to talk to a lawyer without having to worry about paying their fees? With a DAStransport Legal Expense Insurance policy, you get unlimited telephone legal advice on any business-related mater, even if it isn't an incident covered by the policy.

A DAStransport policy is designed to support you when legal conflicts arise out of the use or operation of insured vehicles. All neccessary legal costs associated with the following are covered:

  • Traffic ticket defense
  • Commercial safey violations
  • Driver's license protection
  • Statutory license protection
  • Auto contract disputes


Rates are very affordable considering:

  • $379 is the average hourly cost of an experienced lawyer in Canada
  • $37,000 is the potential cost of a two-day civil trial

More Information on DAStransport:

HAL DAStransport Brochure HAL DAStransport Brochure (1408 KB)

HAL DAStransport Claims Examples HAL DAStransport Claims Examples (511 KB)


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