Transportation: Commercial General Liability

Your HAL team has the experience and skill to help you identify and manage your liability risks.

Commercial General Liability Insurance is known by many names.  CGL, General Liability or just Liability.  You can call it many names, but service excellence is only known as HAL.

Your HAL team has the experience and skill to help you identify and manage liability risks that you may knowingly or unknowingly be exposed to.  With our network of Insurer partners, you can count on HAL to provide you professional assessments of your risk, and together help you come up with the appropriate way of addressing the risk.  Before meeting with the HAL team, many of our clients did not realize that insurance is only one way to manage liability risk.  Our experience is on your side.

At HAL, you do not stand alone.  Should you ever experience a situation that may result in an insurance claim, HAL will be at your side assisting you with the claim process.  As a HAL client, you benefit from our wide network of claim professionals in Canada from coast to coast and internationally. In the unfortunate event of a claim, we will help you get back on track as efficiently and hassle free as possible.

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HAL Fact

Ever wanted to just pick up the phone and ask a lawyer? With legal expense insurance you can do that for a fraction of the cost. HAL can set it up for you.

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